Karen Martin

Dancing the Labyrinth

When Cressida falls pregnant, her overwhelming fear is she will pass on her father’s violent DNA. It takes an ancient matriarchal culture to teach her otherwise.

Dancing the Labyrinth moves between contemporary and ancient Crete in this tale of a young woman from an abusive background who discovers the veiled history of Europe’s most advanced civilization of the Bronze Age – the Minoans.

Decision-making was never a strong suit, but following the unexpected death of her parents, Cressida follows the sirens call to Crete. Sheltering in a cave during a storm, Cressida comes across a trove of ancient Minoan paintings. She learns about Pythia, a Minoan High-Priestess who established a women’s community to safeguard their worship from an encroaching religion ordained by men.

Cressida shares her discovery with Angela, a local archaeologist, and together they try to decipher the images to understand Pythia’s story.

Angela is convinced the images from the cave are more than pictures of the past but hold a message for future generations. She encourages Cressida to challenge the narrative of her past to create a new future infused with hope.

Dancing the Labyrinth is a young woman’s odyssey. It is a celebration of women’s history, courage, friendship and hope.


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Karen Martin


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