When the Past Awakens: A Mother’s Pain

Paperback, Maria Avraam & Helena Kidd

Helena Kidd came upon her mother’s Greek handwritten diary and had it translated to English for the family. Then, some eight years later, she felt that need to share her mother’s story with a wider audience and it led her to rewrite sections, edit and improve upon the story and publish it. This is the story of Maria Avraam’s real and brutally honest account of her life and thoughts, straight from the heart. Her domineering mother was a constant battle of the mind and spirit. She endured mental and physical abuse from an arranged and forced marriage to a stranger. Arriving in Australia from her village in Cyprus presented even more challenges especially when she found herself alone, a deserted wife, with three small children to raise. However, she triumphs through the odds and proves to be a survivor.


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Paperback, Maria Avraam & Helena Kidd


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