Theo Angelopoulos – Filmmaker and Philosopher

Paperback, Vrasidas Karalis

The cinema of Theo Angelopoulos is celebrated as challenging the status quo. From the political films of the 1970s through to the more existential works of his later career, Vrasidis Karalis argues for a coherent and nuanced philosophy underpinning Angelopoulos’ work. Theo Angelopoulos also explores the rich visual language and ‘ocular poetics’ of Angelopopulos’ oeuvre and his mastery of communicating profundity through the everyday. Karalis argues for a reading of his work that embraces contradiction and celebrates the unsettling questions at the heart of his work.


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Pages: 208
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  9781350245365

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Paperback, Vrasidas Karalis


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